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Youtubers Seeing Red After Recent Policy Changes

If you aren’t an avid YouTuber, then you probably haven’t noticed much in the way of changes that have happened on the video-streaming site. On the other hand, if you’re someone who is trying to gain internet fame (and the advertising dollars that go along with it), then odds are you’ve probably encountered a headache lately.
According to the new rules, YouTube will no longer allow its users to link to their own websites within the video’s “end card” or the last part of the video unless that video gets 10,000 views. That means most startups, small businesses, Patreons, and other fundraisers trying to promote their brands are at a huge disadvantage getting viewers to their website.
Arguably one of the best things about YouTube was how anyone could use it to put themselves or their brands out there and attract attention. Now, not only does your video need to hit the magic 10,000 views number, the account owner must also sign up for the YouTube Partner Program which regulates the content of the associated videos.

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