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5 steps to learn arabic language

1. Choose the Arabic Dialect you want to learn:
You already know there are many dialects and varieties of this language. Arabic spoke in Africa sounds different, looks different, and even seems a completely different language than that spoken in Asia. There’s Egyptian, Gulf, Moroccan, Sudanese, Juba, Mashriqi Arabic, and many more! Studying two dialects can be tedious, as both can conflict in grammar and pronunciation. Therefore, you should do your research, decide the dialect you want to study, and stick with it.
2. Decide your Study Plan:
It is also important to choose how you want to study the language and when. There are many colleges, universities, and institutes that teach Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Arabic courses. However, there are courses available online as well, for a minimal fee that teaches Arabic. Moreover, you should look over your schedule and set aside a few hours a day to study Arabic. Nothing sucks more than going out of practice.
3.Use Resources outside the Class:
There are many companies online that offer assignment help for Arabic students or the ones learning the language. Similarly, there are mobile-friendly applications, YouTube channels, websites, and blogs that help students to get a firm grasp on Arabic pronunciations, grammar, and writing. By taking help from these online resources, you can learn Arabic more effectively. Also, you should get hold of an Arabic dictionary and learn how to use it. To look up a word, you will have to know its root and what letter the root starts with. This will make your grasp over words better.
4.Learn the Basics:
Our Professor in the first-class started the lesson with this, ‘There are no shortcuts in life to places worth going.’ Yes, it sounded punny to the entire class. After all, we came to the class to learn Arabic and not Philosophy. But we soon understood what he meant. Most of us wanted to learn the language quickly. And thus, we wanted to skip the basics and jump into learning the Arabic words. But learning a language doesn’t work like this. You learn the alphabets and words, form sentences, and then study grammar. Therefore, don’t expect to learn the language in just a few months or even a year. It takes time.
5.Speak and Hear the Language:
Learning how to read and write the language is important but speaking is crucial too. And it is equally tedious. Pronunciations, tone and sentence structures – everything matters. Again, it will take time and effort to become proficient in speaking. However, you can make the process easier by watching Arabic shows with subtitles or listening to Arabic songs. And the thing is you shouldn’t be nervous about making mistakes. No matter how horrendous they may be, speak the language as much as you can in class. Mistakes lead to fruitful results.

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  1. well i tried to learn arabic language when i was in saudi arabia last year after that i visited Oman as well but its difficult to learn arabic. during my stay in Oman i tried to provide assignment help for Oman student. english assignments not arabic but i usually received many arabic assignments which i must have to reject it. now i am learning arabic by my own slowly.