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Abstaining from marriage in the Arab world

The problem of the late marriage age and the spinsterhood crisis has become one of the major problems experienced by young men and women in the world in general and the Arab countries in particular because of their sensitivity in the culture of these countries.

★Lebanon comes first among Arab countries, where the spinsterhood rate reached 85%, according to the latest studies, followed by the UAE at 75%, and then Syria and Iraq at 70%.

★The rate in Tunisia reached 62%, about 50% in Algeria, while in Jordan and Saudi Arabia it reached 42%, and about 40% in Egypt and Morocco.

★The lowest levels of spinsterhood were recorded in each of Yemen by about 30%, and Bahrain by 25%.

★It is interesting to note that Palestine recorded the lowest spin percentage in the Arab world, even that it was not mentioned in the list, but the last spin percentage was calculated in 2017 with only 7%.

★Social and economic researchers attributed the causes of this problem to several factors, including economic such as high wages of dowry, and the high cost of living in most of these societies, with salaries that do not meet the lowest needs, including social ones such as increasing the desire of females to complete educational attainment, and obtain employment opportunities that achieve their ability to independence And self-reliance.

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