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Al-Salawi Moncef .. From Agadir, Morocco to the White House

Moncef Mohamed Slaoui (born July 22, 1959) is a Moroccan-born Belgian-American researcher and former head of GlaxoSmithKline's vaccines department. He worked at the company for thirty years, retiring in 2017. On May 15, 2020, President Donald Trump announced that Slaoui would manage the U.S. government's development of a vaccine used to treat coronavirus disease in Operation Warp Speed.

A scientist of Moroccan origin leads a team to develop a vaccine against Corona in America. Who will be fair to the Slaoui? Why did he choose to work abroad? What are the experiences that qualified him to gain the confidence of the American President?
The latest news of US President Donald Trump's planning to appoint Moncef El-Salawi, a biological expert of Moroccan descent, to head a committee to develop a vaccine against the emerging corona virus, caused a sensation in the Moroccan and Arab media. The news was reported by Reuters, which indicated that Salawi is expected to work with US Surgeon General Gustav Perna to oversee efforts to develop, test and produce the vaccine in a short period of time to combat the pandemic that affected the world.

Munsif Al-Salawi has been a member of Medicxi, which works in international investment in the life sciences sector, since 2017, as well as an independent member of Moderna since 2017, a medical research company specializing in RNA.

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