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What is the history of Arab medicine?

                  Arab medicine 

Arab medicine is one of the most famous types of medical science known worldwide. As Arab physicians relied on research, discovery, experiment, and follow-up of patients ’sickness, and this led to the distinction of Arab medicine from Western medicine, most of the ancient Western physicians relied on sorcery, magic, and the search for illogical treatments for diseases, by resorting to a group of Rituals and strange beliefs that they believed contributed to the cure of all kinds of diseases, but they were causing the patient's ill condition, which often leads to his death

Evolution of Arab medicine:
The development of Arab medicine and the fields of medical science has depended on a set of stages, the most important of which are:

Authorship and Exploration:
 It is the stage that Arab physicians have traveled and traveled from their countries of origin to other countries in order to identify diseases, and on other physicians who have been interested in the study of medical science, for Muslim doctors to develop a set of useful medical literature that contributed to the enrichment of the Arab Medical Library.

Translation and transfer:
 It is the stage that relied on the use of western and Persian medical literature, and what was transferred from Mesopotamia, and Arab doctors were keen to take the appropriate summary of the literature they studied, and then added it to the translated literature they developed, with their keenness to ensure the correctness of what they got Through continuous experience, examination and medical follow-up

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