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Ashkelon: ancient history and geographical location

★ The geographical location of Ashkelon:

 Ashkelon is located on the Palestinian coastal plain, at latitude 31.665943 north, and longitude 34.559467 east. The new Ashkelon is 19 km from the northern Gaza Strip, and 2 km from the eastern to the northeast of the Old City site, and Ashkelon occupies a strategic location on The coast of the Mediterranean Sea, before 1948 AD, was called Majdal, but after many events it became called Majdal - Ashqalani.

★ Historical background about Ashkelon:

The city of Ashkelon dates back to the third millennium BC, as the city was a center of trade, a port, and a place of worship for the gods of Astarte. In 638 AD, Ashkelon fell under the rule of the Arabs, and in 1153 AD it was occupied by the Crusaders, and in 1191 AD it was occupied by Richard I, and in 1948 AD an Israeli settlement was established on it, then the new Ashkelon was established in 1955 AD

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