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Beauty signs for Arab women

Beauty is an adjective of goodness and adornment that notes with things, which brings joy and pleasure to the soul, and the judgment of something as ugliness or beauty comes from the individual's sense of self and intellectual and psychological factors; Therefore, the measure of beauty differs from person to person, and all ancient human civilizations had their own standards of beauty.

For women
★the face is moderate, not round or long.
★The appropriate sized mole, which is in the cheek area, above or below the lips, or in the chin.
★Wide eyebrows naturally drawn.
★Long and thick eyelashes.
★Dimples of the cheeks.
★Middle ear.
★Little mouth.
★The prominent upper lip, which is shaped like the heart, is naturally defined around it.
★Wide black eyes.
★Long soft, profuse hair. Medium sized nose.
★Long delicate tenderness.
★Long and thin fingers. Arched nails. The face color is different from the color of the hands.
★Polished stature.
★Intelligence and intensity of observation.
★Pure white matrix teeth.

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