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Best Places to Visit in Jordan


1. Petra:

The undisputed piece de resistance of Jordan is a place totally unlike anywhere else in the country.
Set out between the red-hued desert escarpments in the southern heartlands of the country, it’s thought the site was first inhabited in the 4th century BC. It was the ancestral capital of the thriving Arabian Nabataean civilization, which managed to raise the rock-cut treasuries and temples here to one of the most important trading outposts in the region.
Today, the whole enchanting site is known for its roles in Hollywood blockbusters like Indiana Jones, and comes hidden between a series of winding siq (tunnels created by erosion) passageways that are a real treat to explore.
In short: Petra is not to be missed!

2. Al-Maghtas:


Butting up to the Israel-Jordan border on the extreme eastern edge of the country, the dust-caked conglomeration of small dig sites and uncovered builds known as Al-Maghtas is arguably one of the most important biblical relics to be found on the entire courses of the Jordan River.
Tagged by UNESCO and slowly becoming a high-profile pilgrimage site for Christians (think papal visits aplenty in the last couple of decades), it’s thought to have been the original site of the baptism of Jesus.
Apart from that, the spot displays an interesting array of Jewish and Christian religious remains, Roman constructions, and Orthodox monasteries from the ages of the Ottomans and Mamluks.

3. Amman


Amman is a great place to feel the beating pulse of Arabia, and get a sense of the deep histories and cultural strands that inform Jordan as a whole.
Head to the warren of streets that weave and wind through the hectic center of the capital to see the mosaic of frenetic souks and echoing mosque minarets that make up the famous area of Balad.
Or, go to Abdali, where leafy boulevards give way to chic cafes and high-street boutiques.
There’s a clutch of must-see sights and landmarks to add to the menu too: that colossal Roman Theatre; the occasional remains of Ammonite fortifications; the medley of mosques and churches and palisades that make up the Jabal al-Qal’a citadel…

4. Jerash:


It’s a testimony to the sheer wealth of immersive history that still exists at the ruined city of Jerash that this site just north of Amman pulls in almost as many visitors as the legendary rock-cut temples at Petra.
Yep, this medley of towering colonnades and old forums, fascinating temples turned to Byzantine churches, and great plazas is hailed as perhaps the most amazing Roman provincial city still on the planet today.
You can come and stand where merchants from the Med would once have touted their goods, or imagine the hubbub of camel caravans arriving here straight from the dunes of the great Arabian sand sea.

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