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Ranking of the Arab countries as the best countries in the world to raise children

          Parents always think about       ensuring the best future for their   children, and try to provide the   appropriate environment for them to   obtain quality education,   comprehensive health care and equal   opportunities, preferably all at the   lowest costs.

              The Arab countries came in the ranks between the fifty and seventy, and here are the best Arab countries that provide the appropriate environment for raising children

1- UAE and ranked first in the Arab world (ranked 50 in the world)

2- Morocco second (ranked 53 globally)

3- Egypt is in third place, ahead of Qatar (58th globally).

4- Qatar is ranked 61 in the world

5- Tunisia ranked 65th in the world

6- Saudi Arabia ranked 67th in the world

7- Jordan ranks 68 globally

8- Oman ranked 69 globally

9 - Lebanon ranked 72 globally

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