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Reason for naming the Ottomans by this name?

★Reason for naming the Ottomans by this name:

  The Ottomans were named after the Ottoman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire,  and their origins are traced back to the tribes of Ghaz that inhabited the areas beyond the river that are now known as Turkestan, but after the Mongols attack on Turkestan the tribes migrated to Azerbaijan and settled there,  and Othman succeeded Ben Artgrel in the establishment of a state attributed to him, so the city of Qara took a blockade as his capital, and his state became a haven for many Muslims fleeing the Tatars; This is because he was the first to convert to Islam from the princes of his people, so the caliphs after him joined him, and this is an indication of their association with Islam, not nervousness.

★The most prominent Ottoman sultans following the rule of the Ottoman Empire Thirty-six Ottoman sultans were the most prominent of them: 

★Othman bin Artgrel.
★Orhan Uzi bin Othman.
★Murad Al-Awal bin Orhan Ghazi.
★Bayazid bin Murad Khan.
★Muhammad Jalabi bin Bayazid I.
★Murad Khan II bin Muhammad Chalabi. ★Muhammad II bin Murad II.
★Bayezid II bin Muhammad al-Fateh. ★Abdul Majeed bin Sultan Mahmoud II. ★Abdulaziz bin Sultan Mahmoud II.
★Murad V bin Abdul Majeed Khan.
★Abdul Hamid II bin Abdul Majeed. ★Muhammad Rashad bin Abdul Majeed Khan.
★Muhammad Waheeduddin bin Abdul Majeed.

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