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the best arab countries to visit

The United Arab Emirates:

There’s no doubt that Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Even for people who have formerly been to the city, 2018 will come with full of surprises and new exciting attractions. Perhaps the most exciting of them all is the Dubai Frame, an architectural wonder and an addition to the Dubai skyline.

Ras Al Khaimah:

Formerly one of the lesser-known Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah is marking its spot on the map in 2018. The city is becoming greatly known for active tourism, contrasting its neighbors Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which offer a more lush form of travel. The biggest news out of Ras Al Khaimah for the coming year is the opening of the longest zip line in the world. This will add a further level of excitement to the Emirate, which is already very popular among adventure seekers.

Kuwait City:

As the Gulf countries expanded and invested in massive tourist attractions as a way of bringing people from all over the world, it’s Kuwait‘s simplicity that makes it a hot travel destination for 2018. With so many skyscrapers popping up all over the Middle East, Kuwait offers an extremely authentic experience of the Arabic world, populated by souqs and museums and pumping with culture. The coming year brings a great opportunity for travelers to head to Kuwait City and experience a true bite of Arab culture.


Formerly known as the Paris of the Middle East, Beirut is still one of the best travel destinations in the region. The reason why Beirut will always be a hot travel hub is due to its lively nightlife. This is a rare opportunity in the region as many are still very traditional in most countries. The capital of Lebanon attracts people from all over the world with its clubs and bars. Many famous DJs from around the globe are constantly playing in Beirut and will continue to do so in 2018.

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