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The best cities of Egypt


               tourism in Egypt
 Egypt has a mild climate, stunning tourist    diversity, and ancient history that shed its banks on the nature of its effects spread throughout the country, making tourism in Egypt a unique experience that offers tourists aspects of knowledge of the impressive ancient history on the one hand, and the entertainment aspects on the other hand.


Since it is the administrative capital of the country for many centuries, and the first thing that a foreign tourist often plans for tourism in Egypt, it is natural to include a quantity and a variety of tourist areas in Egypt that meet different tastes, as Cairo is one of the most diverse tourist areas in Egypt.


Alexandria is an Egyptian coastal city known for its mild climate and stretching its beaches along the Mediterranean Sea in the north of the country for a distance of up to 70 km from east to west.

But its coastal nature, along with its extended area that made it the second Egyptian capital, did not make it accounted only for beach tourism, because Alexandria is one of the most diverse places of tourism in Egypt. European. You cannot come for tourism in Egypt without visiting it.


Giza is one of the strongholds of tourism in Egypt and the most closely related to the Pharaonic era. Most of the tourist places in it are closely related to the landmarks of ancient Pharaonic civilization, along with the zoo, which is a distinctive point for recreational tourism in the city among hundreds of animals that were attracted from around the world.

               Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh is an Egyptian coastal city characterized by a warm winter climate, stunning picturesque beaches and marine creatures of fish and coral reefs, which made it rise to the throne of tourism in Egypt during the recent decades.

Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh is characterized by visiting multiple natural reserves, with water sports such as diving, swimming, surfing, and enjoying the Aqua Park as it is one of the best places of tourism in Egypt in general and Sharm El Sheikh in particular, and is suitable for family visits, children and young people because of its fun and diverse water games that provide you with a spirit Adventure, along with hotel services and day use rooms are available for the convenience of visitors.

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