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The fastest way to prepare Moroccan calories

Harira (Arabicالحريرة‎ ) is a traditional Moroccan soup. It is popular as a starter but is also eaten on its own as a light snack. There are many variations and it is mostly served during Ramadan, although it can be made throughout the year.


★A cup and a half of chickpeas soaked for the whole night
★3 crushed or ground tomatoes
★A cup of dry beans
★A cup of noodles
★A cup of lentils
★1 small onion, chopped
★150 grams of beef or lamb
★A cup and a half of chopped celery
★A cup of green coriander and parsley, chopped
★Salt to taste
★Teaspoon turmeric
★Half a teaspoon of ginger
★A tablespoon of paprika
★¼ teaspoon of black pepper
★Cubic broth margarine or a teaspoon of animal fat
★3 tablespoons of olive oil

★3 tablespoons of flour

How to prepare
1★In a saucepan, put 3 tablespoons of olive oil, with the chopped onion, and cut the meat and stir until the meat changes color. Then add the lentils, chickpeas, beans, and celery, and stir these ingredients well.

2★After that add ground tomatoes, salt to taste, a teaspoon of turmeric, half a teaspoon of ginger, a tablespoon of paprika, a quarter of a teaspoon of black pepper and stir well, then put two liters of water and close the pot and leave it on low heat for 20 minutes or enough time In order to cook chickpeas and lentils.

3★Next, add the vermicelli, green coriander with parsley, tomato sauce and also a cube of ghee broth or a spoon of animal ghee. Leave the pot over the heat, and in the meantime, prepare the flour mixture so add two cups of water and mix it until all the blocks have dissolved.

4★Add the flour mixture to the pan with constant stirring until the flour is well combined. Leave the calories on the heat for 10 minutes. You can add water or flour to control the consistency of calories for you.

5★Serve hot calories with dates and Moroccan grill.

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