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The largest Arab cities in the population

 • Cairo: - Egypt had a population of 100 million at the beginning of 2020, to remain the most populous Arab country, and the third in the African continent.
- The agency expects that the country’s population in 2030 will reach more than 145 million people.

• Riyadh:
- Riyadh is one of the largest Arab capitals in terms of population, it ranks third among them, and it is worth noting that Riyadh is one of the fastest growing and developing Arab capitals.
- The population of the city of Riyadh, according to what was announced by the Statistics Authority in the Kingdom, 8 million people.

• Baghdad:
- Baghdad Governorate is the smallest governorate of Iraq. Baghdad is ranked first among the provinces of Iraq in terms of population, with a population of about 8.4 million people in 2016

• Alexandria:
- The population of Alexandria Governorate reached about 5 million, 365 thousand and 923 people.

• Sultanate of Oman:

- The total population of the Sultanate in the year 2020 AD was 4 million and 664 thousand and 790 people.

• Jeddah :
- As for the number of the population that is in the city of Jeddah now 2020, they reach 3 million and 14 people, and this makes it contain a large population.

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