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The most Arab country cultivating olives

• Morocco :

  - The Kingdom of Morocco is the most olive producing country in the Arab world. In 2016, Morocco ranked first in the Arab world and the sixth in the world after the European Union, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey, producing about 1,416,000 tons of olives.
  - The percentage of olive oil in Morocco reached the season of 2018-2019 around 200,000 tons, and it ranked first in the Arab world and the fourth in the world.


  - Olive cultivation in Tunisia Tunisia is the most well-known country in the southern Mediterranean region in the field of olive cultivation, with more than 30% of its agricultural land devoted to olive trees cultivation (1.68 million hectares). If we exclude the countries of the European Union, the Tunisian Republic becomes the first global power in the olive oil sector. Tunisia is currently making great efforts to restructure and modernize this sector in order to improve the quality of olive oil and increase the area designated for the cultivation of olive trees.


  - Growing olives in Syria Olive is one of the oldest agricultural products in Syria, which is the original home of the olive tree. The total of olive farms in Syria has reached nearly 650,000 hectares, and the number of olive trees has reached more than 90 million, of which 80% are in the productive stage, and the rest are not yet in this stage.

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