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The most famous 3 Arab writers have translated their books into more than one language

Each era has its book and literature, this matter never diminishes the value of those who brought us up, grew old and opened our eyes to their unforgettable works.
Taha Hussein 
Taha Hussein was born on the fourteenth of November in the year 1889 AD, in the city of Maghagha in Egypt, and he is one of the most important Egyptian writers, who wrote many novels, stories, and social and political articles, and Taha Hussein had a disease in his eyes when he was a child of what He led to his blindness at the age of two, but that did not affect his education, as he joined his youth at Cairo University in 1908 AD, and he was the first graduate to obtain a doctorate in it, and after his return from France he became a professor of Arabic literature at Cairo University, and his book Al-Ayyam is in his volumes. Three of his most important works, as they were translated into English.

Naguib Mahfouz 
Naguib Mahfouz is considered one of the most important writers in the Arab world, and he is an Egyptian writer who was born in the Al-Gamalia neighborhood in Cairo on the eleventh of December of the year 1911 AD. His literary score is more than thirty novels and three hundred and fifty short stories, and many of his works have been converted into films, television and theatrical works, and his most important novels are: Palace of Longing, Beginning and End, Harafish, Thief and Dogs, and Miramal

Ghassan Kanafani
Ghassan Kanafani was born in Acre in 1936 AD, in the midst of a revolutionary family who participated in the struggle in the national revolution against the British occupation of Palestine, which paved the way for Israeli colonialism. The University of Damascus, then he worked as a teacher and journalist there, and after that he moved to Kuwait before he ended up in Beirut and worked in refugee camps, and Kanafani's writing was linked to the struggle of the Palestinian people throughout his life, where he documented the Nakba clearly in his work entitled The Land of Sad Orange,  It is the most important business E: Men in the sun, and the world is not ours, and the rest to you, and the death of bed

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