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The most important achievements of the Ottoman Empire

Achievements of the Ottoman Empire:

 Among the most important political and military achievements of the Ottoman Empire are the following:

★ The Ottomans began fighting the Byzantines after the death of Osman I, and they advanced to Europe and opened several regions there.

★ Muhammad II managed to conquer the city of Constantinople in 857 AH, and its name became Islam Paul.

★ Muhammad al-Fatih's grandson, Sultan Selim, managed to enter the Arab provinces.

★ The Ottomans stood up to the Portuguese who wanted a Crusade, and were able to drive out the Persians who were taken by the Portuguese as their allies.

★ The Ottomans faced the Crusader advance, which almost entered the Islamic East, after its overthrow of Granada in 897 AH. The Ottomans halted the advance of the Crusaders to Tunisia and Algeria during the tenth and eleventh centuries.

★ The Ottomans participated in a number of wars during the nineteenth century, including: Napoleon Bonaparte's campaign against Egypt, his campaign against the Levant, the Serbian war, the war with Russia, the Greek revolution, and Navarin's naval battle in which England, France, and Russia united against the Ottoman Empire, Then the occupation of Algeria, and the campaign of Ibrahim Pasha on the Levant, and this was encouraged by the French Crusader forces, then the occupation of Britain for Aden, the Crimean War, the Montenegrin War, the Second Serbian War, the Turkish-Russian War, the occupation of France to Tunisia, England to Egypt, the Greek War, and the occupation of Italy For Libya, then the Balkan War.

★ The Ottomans were fighting Europe from the four sides at the same time, from the west they fought the Empire of Austria, and the Spanish in the west, and from the south stood in the face of the Portuguese in the Arabian Peninsula, and pressed the Russians from the north to alleviate their burden on the Muslim Tatar and Circassians, and from the east they fought the Shiites who They held an alliance with the Crusaders to fight the Sunnis and the Ottoman caliphate.

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