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The most important Arab traveler

Ibn Battuta
Ibn Battuta is one of the most famous Arab travelers in history, as he was born on the twenty-fourth of February of the year 1304AD in Tangier Morocco, and he died in 1368 or 1377 AD, and he was famous for his extensive trips covering an estimated distance of about 120,000 kilometers on trips to all Islamic countries, China, and Sumatra, and although he did not discover new countries or lands, and his geographic scientific contributions were insignificant, the documentary value of his knowledge enabled him to gain historical and geographical importance.

Al-Maqdisi is considered one of the most famous Arab travelers. He traveled to most parts of the Islamic kingdom except Andalusia, Sind and southern Afghanistan. He also visited Sicily and Sicily, and contributed to writing the book The Best Divisions in Knowledge of the Territories. He was familiar with Islamic jurisprudence, and from the followers of the Islamic Hanafi school.

Ibn Hawqal
Ibn Hawqal, who is Muhammad ibn Hawqal al-Baghdadi al-Musalli, who is called Abu al-Qasim, is considered a traveler and scholars of countries and merchants who roamed the country, he was able to leave Baghdad in 331 AH, and visited all of Morocco, Sicily, the country of Andalusia and many others, and he was famous for his book (Al Masalk And kingdoms).

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