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The most important Egyptian pyramids

The most important pyramids in Egypt:

★Giza Pyramids:
The three pyramids of Giza were built between 2575 and 2465 BC, around the time of the Fourth Dynasty, in the area west of the Nile River in northern Egypt, on a rocky plateau near Giza, and these three pyramids were considered a site of world heritage in 1979 AD by UNESCO ( The United Nations Organization for Science, Education and Culture), where the pyramid of Khufu is considered the oldest of these three pyramids, and it was named after the second ruler of the Fourth Dynasty (Khufu), also called the Great Pyramid; The original height is 147 m, and the length of all its façades from the base is approximately 230 meters.

★The Pyramid of Djoser:
The Pyramid of Djoser, which is considered one of the oldest memorial buildings in the world, is located in the Saqqara region; It is part of a complex for the burial of King Djoser, king of the Third Family, and the tomb of King Djoser has been distinguished from others by the decoration of this pyramid of blue brick stones and hieroglyphic letters, and it is worth noting that the design of this unique pyramid came from the architect Imhotep, who made it a pyramid It is listed in six layers, reaching a height of 61 meters. The pyramid was built between 2630 and 2611 BC.

★ Red Pyramid:
 In the Dahshur region, not far from Saqqara, the red pyramid that was built for Pharaoh Sneferu (the father of King Khufu) is considered, and it is considered the first real pyramid built in Egypt, and it is ranked second in terms of the largest Egyptian pyramids in terms of its base, and it is worth noting that it can be The visitor has access to the burial chamber of this pyramid, and its entire vision

★ Pyramid of Meidum:
On the edge of the desert, the Pyramid of Meidum, built by order of King Senefru, is considered to be the first attempt by the Pharaohs to build the pyramids, as this pyramid is probably composed of eight layers, and only the three upper layers of the pyramid can be seen, as it stands tall in the desert sands, The Pyramid of Meidum is the first pyramid to appear above the burial chamber in the form of an arch with beautiful, beautiful walls.

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