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The most prominent environmental problems in our Arab world

In addition to the political and security catastrophes and the economic and urban disasters facing the Arab world in the present, this country will face environmental catastrophes in the near future, where are those and current catastrophes.

The most prominent environmental problems in our Arab world:

★ pollution of water sources:
One of the most serious of these problems is pollution of water sources. One of the reasons for its occurrence is the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides that negatively affect these sources. In addition to directing wastewater streams and harmful chemical wastes in big cities towards natural sources of water such as rivers.

★ Pollution of large water bodies:
Another reason why we are concerned about our environmental problems is pollution of large water bodies such as oceans and seas. Which constitute many of the coasts of our Arab countries. Day after day, the level of pollution increases by unprecedented proportions due to the industrial, chemical and food waste that factories throw in these surfaces. Which increases the problems of global warming and global warming in the whole world.

★ Energy sources:
Factories, large enterprises, and even societies and individuals depend on the consumption of traditional sources of energy, which must be burnt to generate our need. This leaves very toxic and deadly gases in the atmosphere, which contribute to a remarkable global warming. On the other hand, the waste of these factories, which are disposed of in the ground from toxic or radioactive waste, leads to deforestation and soil erosion.

★ Desertification and Population Explosion:
Obviously, environmental problems of various causes lead to a shrinking of green spaces in our planet, and the emergence of the problem of desertification clearly, in addition to increasing the severity of drought under the impoverishment of biological diversity over the Arab lands. On the other hand, the population explosion and the increase in the number of people in countries are a big problem that is difficult to control, which leads to an increase in the consumption of natural resources and energy sources.

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