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The Nile is the Egyptian lifeline

                The Nile River

The Nile River is one of the longest rivers in the world and it is called "the father of the rivers of Africa", which stems from the south of the equator and is being attributed to the northeast of the African continent to flow into the Mediterranean Sea, where the length of the Nile River is about 6,650 km to flow into an area of ​​3,349,000 square kilometers As for the name of the river, it came from the Greek name Neilos, which often means the valley, as great civilizations such as that of the Greeks and the Pharaohs did not witness a river with the greatness of the Nile, which was causing floods during the summer seasons during its journey from south to north, while the pharaohs They called it Aur and tired The black color indication of the amount of sediment carried by the Nile River when flooding on its banks, where the Nile is characterized by burying black dark.

The importance of the Nile River
 One of the most important things that makes the Nile River important for Egypt is that it constitutes 95% of its water sources and is the lifeblood of it, and other reasons that make it important for Egyptians that they depend on it for pure drinking water they can also use for cooking, cleaning and multiple home uses, in addition to For their dependence on river water for agricultural work, where the fertile land spreads on its irrigated ends, and one of the aspects that the Egyptians benefit from the river is the fish wealth provided to them.

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