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The tombs of the Saadians : civilization and history

★ The tombs of the Saadians are the last remaining historical monuments dating back to the era of the Saadiyya state, which Sultan Moulay Ismail completely destroyed, except for the mausoleum that houses the graves, which was keen to fence it with a large wall, so that it is not visible to people. Only the time of protection will be rediscovered, before the colonial classifies it as a historical landmark in 1917, and it was restored in 1920.

The shrine is located in the Kasbah district of Marrakech, and today it is considered one of the important tourist and historical monuments in the red city, and it includes sixty tombs of the descendants of the Saadian Sultans, who ruled Morocco from 1554 to 1659, and who historians say are descended from Halima Saadia, the nurse of the Prophet Muhammad.

★ Despite the long years of neglect, the mausoleum witnessed the greatness of a civilization that passed from there, which is evident in its design and method of construction according to the Andalusian Islamic architecture, and the use of fine building materials in the decoration of gypsum, zellig, marble and carvings on wood.

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