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The worst prisons in the Arab world

1.Kenitra prison - Morocco
Prisoners in Quneitra prison are subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment, as they vary according to the purpose of torture.
Prison was used since the colonial era for the heavy rulers. It was used in the 1970s and 1980s for leftist and then Islamist opponents, and is currently used for those accused of terrorism cases.

2.Al-Kadhimiya prison, Iraq
Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq may have won the attention of the whole world, as a primary center for the violation of human rights, but the Kadhimiya prison located in the northern suburbs of the capital, Baghdad, gained more and much worse reputation in the post-Saddam era.
According to the New York Times, the prison has long been known as the "place where the Iraqis are gone," and it does not look any better today.

3.Joe Prison, Bahrain
The Bahraini prison "Joe" has gained a bad reputation on the issue of torture in prisons, as human rights organizations have monitored several grave violations occurring inside its cells.

4.Roumieh prison - Lebanon
The largest prison in Lebanon is located in the east of the capital, Beirut. The capacity is 1500 prisoners, while the number of prisoners in it is estimated between 3000-4000 prisoners

5.Palmyra prison, Syria
"The interior is missing and the outside is born." It is the phrase written at the prison doors and receives the detainees entering Palmyra prison, the most famous symbol of the Assad regime since high-ranking political prisoners were sent to it for the first time in 1979.

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