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Three factors link the Arab and Islamic world

The most prominent three factors that link the countries of the Arab and Islamic world are a question that deserves an answer

1.The Islamic Religion: 
   The Islamic religion is the last of the heavenly religions on this earth and its good conclusion. It is the main religion of God - Glory be to Him Almighty - as the Almighty says: “Religion is with God, Islam ..”  and Islam in the general sense is surrender and subordination to God - Most High-- And this surrender will be by monotheism, obedience, and sincerity, all sincerity in this obedience.

2.The Arabic language:
The Arabic language is considered sacred language as it is the language of the Qur’an, as prayer and other acts of worship in the Islamic religion can only take place with the mastery of the Arabic language, and it is also a ritual language for a number of Christian churches throughout the Arab world, and many Jewish intellectual and religious works have been written specifically In the Middle Ages

3.The history of Islam:
The history of Islam is a celebration of the history of Islam through its different stages with many events and matters, and it has distinguished many advantages from others because of its association with the final message that God Almighty sent to his Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and in the history of Islam there were periods called the golden periods where the law, religion, and morals had Its main role.

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