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What are the best Arab countries in terms of health care?

1. Kuwait
The Ministry of Health put into a new Kuwait vision 2035 in order to :

•the development of the Kuwaiti health system to move from the stage of treatment from diseases to the stage of prevention.

2. Qatar
The State of Qatar ranked fifth in the world in the health index issued :
• thanks to the improvement of life expectancy and health outcomes for patients, which constitute the proportion of investment in the level of health .

3. Bahrain
Ensuring and promoting good health is one of the main priorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain:
• The health sector in the Kingdom is characterized by modern health care and advanced technological systems at the regional level.

4. Jordaian
A look at the Jordanian health sector:
• one of the most attractive countries in the world for medical investments and hospital resorts and providing.
• It has medical tourism, biomedical research, production and sales of medical equipment and the production of natural skin.

5. Algeria
Algeria has drawn major axes of health policy:
• which has been to map out a strategy that will modify the locations of defects in the previous health system.
• The adoption of prevention because it's the best method of treatment, to avoid disease and work not to occur, through vaccination campaigns.

6. Saudi arabia
The health care system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be classified as a national system because :
• Provides free health care services to citizens through a number of government agencies.
• the participation of the private sector in providing health care services is noted.

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