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What are the layers of Arabs in the past?

Arab layers:
 The narrators divided the Arabs into three layers, the Arab Arabs and the Arabized Arabs, and the lineage of these two classes is attributed to Sam bin Noah, while the third section is the defunct Arabs, who differed in the name of their great-grandfather, is Iram bin Sam or Lauz bin Sam.

★ Defunct Arabs:
There is not much information about the distant Arab tribes, except for some of the names mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, among them some of the people who have lived in Al-Ahqaf, the people of Thamud and settled in Mada’in Al-Hajar, in addition to the tribe of Omeq and mentioned in the Torah, in addition to other tribes including Tasim, Jadeeth, Amim and Jarr, However, many orientalists believed that they were a legend, but they retracted this view after scholars discovered some of their antiquities, including the Thamudic writings which were written in Musnad script in the northern Arabic language.

 ★ Arab Arabs:
 The lineage of these tribes goes back to Qahtan bin Aaber bin Shalakh bin Arfakhshad bin Sam bin Noah, while others said that he is the son of the Prophet of God Hud and he himself is a transient, but this lineage is most likely due to the goal of boasting, so that in their lineage are prophets, in order to respond to the Adenites Those who bragged about this, while the sons of Qahtan, the news differed in number, including Arabs, Hadramawt, Amman, and dragged them.

★ Arabized Arab:
They are the sons of Adnan bin Ad bin Adad bin Al-Yasa'a bin Al-Hamisa'a bin Salman bin Nabit bin Hamal bin Qaidar bin Ismail, and they were called Al-Ma'arabah because their grandfather Ismail was his non-Arabic language then he learned it, and he had twelve children, including Qidar who became king of the Hijaz, and others said The king was the tribe of their drag, but the key to the Kaaba was with the son of Ismail.

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