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What are the most famous ancient Arab markets?

                     Old Arab markets

 Old Arab markets are literary gatherings or forums that were held in pre-Islamic and in Islam in various places of the Arabian Peninsula and periodically, and the Arabs met and came from all over the world to hear sermons and sermons, and exchange trade and benefits, as they sought To release their captive captives from the other tribes there, and they used to sing poetry in their gatherings

The Okaz market
The Okaz market was called the Okaz market because of this name because the Arabs used to gather in it and bite each other, meaning that it overcomes and defeats it in boasting.  The Okaz market is one of the most important Arab markets before Islam, and Arabs used to visit it twenty days a year

Dhu al-Majaz Market
Dhu al-Majaz Market Pilgrims move from the Majna market to Dhu al-Majaz market at the end of the month of Dhu al-Qi'dah and entering the pilgrimage, and it is located three miles from Arafat in the Jabal Kabbak area, and it is said that he was taking place between Mina and Arafat,  and he is close to Arafat from the side of the dunks ,  and this market was held in Diyar Huthail, and people lived there from the beginning of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah until the eighth day which is the day of al-Tarwiyah, and it was called by this name because the pilgrims ’leave to Arafat is from him,  and this market is considered to be for literature, Poetry, and the arts of the Arabs

Majnah Market
Majnah Market The name Mujnah Market is derived from jinn or madness, or paradise and is the beautiful grove filled with water. The Majnah Market was held in Dhahran over the bottom of Mecca, and Dhahran passed today known as Wadi Fatima, and people crossed to the Majnah Market after they finished Okaz Market to spend the remaining ten days of Dhul Qi'dah until they see the crescent of Dhul Qi'dah, and the Majnah Market is considered to be the people of Kinana and the land The market is Kenana land, and the market of Majnah had a place and respect in the eyes of the Arabs as well as the market of Okaz

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