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What are the most important esoteric wealth in the Arab world?

The Arab world depends on many important internal resources, which are considered one of the most important sources of income for countries, as these resources are the reason for providing many job opportunities in all countries. The process of extracting, using, and manufacturing them requires a lot of employment, and there are three important internal natural resources available in the country The Arab:

Iron: Iron is famous for being the bread of modern industries, and it is found in most places in the Arab world, and the reserve of iron is considered good in some countries, and mostly iron is exported in His condition is rough in many places. 

Manganese: Manganese metal is one of the most important minerals used in steel alloys, as it is used in the manufacture of various batteries, in the manufacture of dyes, and in the manufacture of glass, and the Arab production of this mineral is relatively good and sufficient for what the market needs. 

Phosphates: Phosphates are marine limestone deposits with many marine animal remains. Phosphates are considered a basis in the manufacture of the famous phosphate fertilizer, as it is used in the manufacture of various insecticides.

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