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Who are the most famous Arab painters

Who are the most famous Arab painters

Arabs were famous for the arts a long time ago, and among these arts emerged among the Arabs the arts of rhetoric, poetry and painting, yet these arts in the Arab world do not receive widespread attention despite their importance in conveying the message and direct and indirect directing in a sophisticated artistic manner, and we will look in our article on the most famous Arab painters

★Mustafa Al-Hallaj:

a Palestinian painter, whose works were influenced by the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian heritage, from ancient stories, legends and civilizations. Mustafa Al-Hallaj was nicknamed “Sheikh of the Artists”, and his most famous work is “Improvisations of Life” which is the longest mural in the world, most of his works were exposed to fire in a Nagy exhibition Al-Ali for political reasons.

★Muhammad Ali Shakir: 

A famous Iraqi painter and calligrapher, holding a certificate specialized in lithographic engraving and drawing, he won many awards, most of which were in Italy and other countries, he won the Gold Medal, the San Paolo Award and the Palatio City Award, in addition to the Tial Marqua Award.

★ Fadi Yazji:

 A Syrian painter and sculptor, who through his works was aiming to revive art, and for people to live within art, having had many individual and group exhibitions around the world

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