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Who are the pharaoh?

★ Introducing the Pharaohs:

The pharaohs are considered the rulers of ancient Egypt, where they lived in glorious riches and adorned themselves with gold and perfumes, and took their treasures with them to the graves, and the Pharaonic system was characterized by tyranny, in addition to the fact that their societies were distinguished by agriculture and hunting, and with this the hierarchical authoritarian system spread, and the cost of getting out from under the weight of this The term tyranny is large, [1] and the term pharaohs was called the ancient Egyptian kings, which is derived from the Egyptian word (the great legacy) and this term was used for any palace from about 1400 years BC as a means of referring to the living king, and the ancient Egyptian society consists of a hierarchy that begins with the family He, then the blessed king and dead, and then the human race, and considered the king only one person and he is the only prominent among the others

★ Achievements of the ancient pharaohs:
The pharaohs contributed to accomplishing many things, including the following:

† Building most of the pyramids, as the Pharaohs were tasked with building these great monuments in order to be ready for life after death, and this name was given to the pyramids by Alexander the Great as their shapes resemble the shape of the pyramid.

 † Increased artistic, cultural, and constructive activity on a large scale among the pharaohs, due to the active trade movement in the golden age of the ancient kingdom, which was thanks to the fourth family of pharaohs who ruled the civilization of ancient Egypt 2.613 BC - 2.494 BC.

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