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Why was the pre-Islamic era called by that name?

★ Naming the pre-Islamic era with this name:

The masses of people used to call the history of the Arabs before Islam in the name of pre-Islamic history, or pre-Islamic history, as the Arabs were dominating the life of nomadism, movement and travel from one place to another, and they had no connection with the outside world; Therefore, their lives were full of negligence and ignorance. They were illiterate, who did not know how to read or write, as they were idols and idols, and they had no history. Accordingly, their era was called the pre-Islamic era, and the name comes from the nervousness of pre-Islamic Arabs.

★Pre-Islamic era:
 The pre-Islamic era dates back approximately 150 years before Islam, and it is reported that the Arabs did not meet and coalesce in pre-Islamic pre-Islamic times; It was the nervousness that dominated their souls, and it was they who pushed them to ignite wars and fierce battles between them. The attack on other tribes was usually one of the habits of most pre-Islamic tribes, and wars took place for the most trivial matters, after which hundreds and thousands of victims fell

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