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Your guide to housing in the 4 best cities in Saudi Arabia

         Saudi Arabia is filled with many expatriates, as it has always been the first destination for everyone looking for work in one of the most prestigious Arab countries because of its abundance of resources, urban development and a distinct geographical location, which made it the focus of attention among its neighbors. If you are about to move to Saudi Arabia, especially work and housing within it, here is this article to determine the best residential city for you


Riyadh is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its largest city, so it is one of the most populated areas, services and civilization, as it is considered the best city in Saudi Arabia. Its significance is that it is a developed city in all respects because it contains high-rise towers and a variety of entertainment means of cabarets, restaurants, cafes and other services.

             Narges neighborhood

Al-Narges neighborhood is one of the new and quiet neighborhoods in Riyadh, as it is characterized by a strategic location among the most important services that suit different needs, especially for students and tourists.


Medina is the first capital in the history of Islam, and the second most sacred place for Muslims after Mecca and the most beautiful city in Saudi Arabia. In addition, it is usually called many titles, the most famous of which is "good kindness" for the good living in it and the ease of its people.


Jeddah is the bride of the Red Sea, and it is called the city that does not sleep, and it can be included among the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia, being one of the governorates of the Makkah region

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