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discovered the arabworld indexes original recipes published on a selection of cooking blogs. Recipes are classified by tags corresponding to names of ingredients and dishes, origins of recipes, types of cuisine etc.
A site designed for its users

Compared to many blog posts agregators, Very discoveredthearabworldhas been design first and foremost for its users. Our goal is to enable users to easily find recipes and to discover new recipes, with a simple navigation and nice looking pictures of dishes.

All recipes are just one click away. Food lovers can directly access the original and complete recipe on its author's blog, with the full instructions, all the images and comments. There are no intermediate pages with copies of the recipes.
A site that highlights culinary bloggers

There's nothing as bland as a huge database of recipes without soul and personality: it's missing salt and spices! On Very recipes-goods, all the listed recipes are original recipes imagined and cooked by passionate bloggers, photographed like top models, written with passion and humor, and proudly shared online. A cooking blog is made from a lot of love of cooking, but it also requires a lot of work!

The idea behing Very discoveredthearabworldis simple: attract a large number of readers through search engines, make them come back with a useful and easy-to-use site that puts the spotlight on cooking blogs, and distribute as quickly as possible the biggest number of visitors to blogs.

It sounds simple, and indeed it is simple! Here are some points that make all the difference:
Images, images and images!

Why spend so much time and effort to take beautiful pictures if recipes are indexed without a picture, or with a tiny thumbnail half the size of a postage stamp? On creative blogs such as cooking blogs, pictures are hugely important. Very discoveredthearabworldonly indexes recipes with pitures, and images are big enough to show the berries on your pies! Users who like to choose with their eyes can even choose to see even larger images.
Direct links to your recipes on your blog

Some recipes site make it very annoying to users to get to the original recipe on the blog of its author, requiring 3 or 4 clicks on non-obvious links. On Very recipes-goods, all the recipes titles and pictures are direct links to the recipes on your blog. There are no intermediate pages, no copies of your content, and no redirection scripts and links.

This has several effects:

    More visitors come to your site. There is no risk that they lose their way, it's straight and without stops!
    Your recipe content is not copied. Many agregators create a new page on their site for everyone of your posts, with a full or truncated copy of your recipe. This duplicated content is bad for search engine ranking, and sometime the copy ranks higher than the original!
    You recipes are better ranked on search engines thanks to the direct links ("hard links" as SEO experts say). Most agregators use redirected links that are less valued by search engines.

Visitors that come back to your blog

When a reader clicks a link on your blog going to Very recipes-goods, he or she will automatically go to your recipe page. The reader can thus easily discover your other recipes and come back on your blog.